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Johannes Blömer, Jan Bobolz, Laurens Porzenheim
A Generic Construction of an Anonymous Reputation System and Instantiations from Lattices
Asiacrypt 2023   [🔍 micro abstract]  [📄 ePrint]

Simon Hemmrich, Jan Bobolz, Daniel Beverungen, Johannes Blömer
Designing Business Reputation Ecosystems — A Method for Issuing and Trading Monetary Ratings on a Blockchain
ECIS 2023   [🔍 micro abstract]  [📄 PDF]


Johannes Blömer, Jan Bobolz, Henrik Bröcher
On the impossibility of surviving (iterated) deletion of weakly dominated strategies in rational MPC
TCC 2023   [🔍 micro abstract]  [📄 ePrint]


Jan Bobolz, Fabian Eidens, Raphael Heitjohann, Jeremy Fell
Cryptimeleon: A Library for Fast Prototyping of Privacy-Preserving Cryptographic Schemes
Preprinted   [🔍 micro abstract]  [📄 ePrint]  [🌍 website]  [🐦 tweet]

Jan Bobolz, Fabian Eidens, Stephan Krenn, Sebastian Ramacher, Kai Samelin
Issuer-Hiding Attribute-Based Credentials
CANS 2021   [🔍 micro abstract]  [📄 ePrint]  [📺 presentation]


Jan Bobolz, Fabian Eidens, Stephan Krenn, Daniel Slamanig, Christoph Striecks
Privacy-Preserving Incentive Systems with Highly Efficient Point-Collection
AsiaCCS 2020   [🔍 micro abstract]  [📄 ePrint]  [📺 presentation]


Johannes Blömer, Jan Bobolz, Denis Diemert, Fabian Eidens
Updatable Anonymous Credentials and Applications to Incentive Systems
CCS 2019   [🔍 micro abstract]  [📄 ePrint]  [📺 presentation]


Johannes Blömer, Jan Bobolz
Delegatable Attribute-based Anonymous Credentials from Dynamically Malleable Signatures
ACNS 2018   [🔍 micro abstract]  [📄 ePrint]  [📺 presentation]

Kai Bemmann, Johannes Blömer, Jan Bobolz, Henrik Bröcher, Denis Diemert, Fabian Eidens, Lukas Eilers, Jan Haltermann, Jakob Juhnke, Burhan Otour, Laurens Porzenheim, Simon Pukrop, Erik Schilling, Michael Schlichtig, Marcel Stienemeier
Fully-Featured Anonymous Credentials with Reputation System
SECPID (ARES workshop) 2018   [🔍 micro abstract]  [📄 ePrint]  [🐦 tweet]


Efficient Verifier-Local Revocation for Anonymous Credentials
Master’s Thesis. Paderborn University. 2015   [🔍 micro abstract]  [📄 PDF]

Security Proofs for Pairing-Based Cryptography in the Generic Group Model
Bachelor’s Thesis. Paderborn University. 2013   [🔍 micro abstract]  [📄 PDF]